How to tell Unauthorized off-white

To prevent more customers from buying an off white replica streetwear for hundreds of dollars on other platforms, we list some tips to help you spot the replica one.

1 : Check the neck tag or “MAIN LABEL”

Main label on neck tag

After the “FW16” collection, OFF White released a green Neck tag. If your Main label is white or another color, it can be judged as Unauthoratative. Of course, this is also the most basic, only suitable for poor quality reproduction.

#1: “Main Label” are rubber letters

You can see these texts on the authorized off white T-shirts, hoodies and Sweater. The “Main Label” is made of rubber material and will reflect light when illuminated. If you touch it with your fingers, it will feel embossed. In contrast, the “Main Labe” on Unauthorized off white is printed with ordinary paint, which does not reflect light and has no three-dimensional effect.

#2: Neck tag stitching

Neck tag stitching
Neck tag stitching

Many low-qualityUnauthorized manufacturers believe that the internal elements of clothing are invisible to others, so they choose to cut corners.

The correct stitching should be neat, uniformly spaced, and light in color. There should be no loose stitches.

The quality of the replicas’ stitches is unremarkable. Its suture is black, and you can judge it as Unauthorized only by this point.

#3: “Main Label” text print quality

Yes, many replica factories now have the ability to produce the correct suture version. However, in the details of typography and fonts on the neck tag, they were at a loss.

“Main Label” text print quality
Main Label” text print quality

Note the following characteristics of replicas:

  • Inconsistent extra spacing on 1 : 1 one.
  • “™” symbol is too wide from the preceding letter
  • Font error
  • Low quality label materials

In addition to these details that need to be compared, you can also find that the text of authorized products is cleaner and more vivid.

2: Take a closer look at the material of the wash tag

Comparing water labels is also an effective way to identify off white replica products.

First, we will compare the materials on the wash tag, then analyze the production country and text, and finally explain it from the OFF WHITE collections.

#1: Wash tag material quality

logo on wash tag
logo on wash tag

Logo wash tag – Unauthorized vs Real off white:

  • The material is shiny.
  • The zebra crossing logo will glow.
  • Thick paper.

The original washed label should be soft and high quality.

Another detail worth comparing is the process of making sutures.

Looking at the picture below, Unauthorized’s stitches are messy and low in density, as opposed to the original.

Comparison of sutures
Comparison of sutures

#2: Country of manufacture

OFF White is produced in Portugal, Italy and rarely Romania. Sometimes the tag will be labeled “made in eu”, which is also correct.

If you see “Made in Vietnam” or “Made in China”, they are Unauthorized.

made in china
made in china

3: Font engraving

9 in off white t-shirt
9 in off white t-shirt

Famous brand clothes pay attention to design, fonts will basically be different from normal fonts. For example, the number “9” is engraved, and the fonts of the two numbers are different. Unauthorized factories often fail to notice this detail. Just small details can tell real and Unauthorized ones.

The above 3 measures can help you to distinguish 99% 1 : 1 off white on the market. Of course, as the Off White version is updated, we will update this guide.

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